The spring meeting of FEDFA in Prague

April 05th — 06th 2018 in the Czech University of Agriculture in Prague gathered heads / representatives of European Deer Farmers Associations because of the annual spring FEDFA meeting. The Russian Federation was represented at the meeting by Mrs. Natalia Sorokina – director of «The Russian Deer Breeders Association» and Mr. Guram Makijev – deputy director of «The Russian Deer Breeders Association», responsible for preparation and organization of the autumn meeting of FEDFA in Altai. Representatives of National Associations presented their national reports on status of deer farming industry in their countries, shared experiences, progress and achievements, discussed current problems of the branch in the EU area. In discussion took part representatives of 13 countries: the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia.


In 2018 in Altai krai will be held «The World Deer Congress» (, which will gather world’s leading experts and scientists of deer breeding industry: farmers, deer breeders, producers of feed for wild animals, equipment, veterinary drugs and various auxiliary products, specialists of laboratories and veterinary authorities, representatives of international and national organizations, public figures, politicians, developers and scientists.


In this regard there was an idea to organize parallel «The World Deer Congress» and FEDFA conference in Altai in 2018. At the current meeting in Prague Natalia Sorokina, representative of Russia in FEDFA, gave a presentation of this project. 


The invitation has been met with great enthusiasm by attendees. At the moment representatives of the following countries are going to participate in the event in Altai:  The UK – 4 persons, Germany –  2 persons, Austria – 2 persons, Switzerland – 3 persons, Sweden – 2 persons, Belgium – 2 persons, The Czech Republic – 1 person, Slovakia – 2 persons, Lithuania – 4 persons, Latvia – 2 persons, Spain – 2 persons

At the end of the meeting “Deer Farmers’ Association of the Czech Republic” has organized visit of some deer farms.

On behalf of «The Russian Deer Breeders Association» we express our sincere gratitude to organizers of FEDFA meeting in Prague for the high level of preparation, organization and hospitality.